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Experience the joy that only driving an exotic car can bring.

Mile High Drives specializes in driving experiences and exotic car rentals. We have several rental durations to choose from, including half-day, full-day, and multiple day options. So whether you want to impress that special someone for just a few hours, or enjoy one of our cars for an entire week, we can accommodate you.

In order to insure we have your requested vehicle on your preferred date(s), we ask that you please contact us directly to book your rental reservation. We can be reached year-round at either phone number, 303.474.4099 or 480.414.0499.


Mile High Drives BMW i8 electric car for rent

BMW i8

This hybrid beast outperforms its elder siblings, the M3 and M5. And we think it’s better looking too. Enjoy the silence of the electric engine as you cruise through town in style. The vertical doors and aggressive bodylines are sure to turn heads as you launch from 0-60mph in only 3.6 seconds!
Rental rates start at $799.
Mile High Drives Corvette Stingray


Legendary and powerful. This brand new Stingray Corvette turns heads everywhere with its redesigned appearance. The car features a very futuristic interior with all digital gauges and aggressive lines. Take the top off and feel the wind brush your hair as the powerful V8 throws you in the driver’s seat.
Rental rates start at $299.
Mile High Drives Corvette Z06


This new Corvette Z06 knows how to get your heart pumping. Slide into it’s red leather seats and buckle yourself in for an awesome ride in this 650HP American-made supercar. The lines and features of this car will be sure to grab everyone’s attention whether your moving at warp speed or standing still.
Rental rates start at $499.
Mile High Drives Ferrari Italia 458 for Rent


This electric-blue 458 grabs all the attention. One of our favorite cars, the 458 Italia boasts a top speed of over 200MPH powered by it’s 4.5L V8. This car is beautifully engineered, both inside and out. Experience Italian luxury at it’s finest, from its gorgeous interior to its aggressive body lines, this car has it all.
Rental rates start at $1299.
Mile High Drives Ferrari F430


Super exotic and flashy. This car has been coined the most fun to drive because it maneuvers through the city like you wouldn’t believe. And the engine sound is so incredible, you might think you’re in a video game. Surround yourself with elegant Italian leather and prepare to have all eyes on you.
Rental rates start at $750.
Mile High Drives Lamborghini Gallardo


This is our most popular vehicle with its outrageous bodylines and unbelievable performance. Drivers be warned, this car will cause drooling and/or create traffic jams everywhere you go. Its all-wheel drive 500 horses should provide enough of a reason to never leave the driver’s seat.
Rental rates start at $750.
Mile High Drives McLaren for Rent


We’ve got our hands on one of the fastest cars in the world! This car is guaranteed to grab everyone’s attention, whether they’re trying to catch a glimpse of it parked or on the move. Be one of the first to drive the newest addition to the Mile High Drives Fleet, the rare and impressive McLaren MP4-12C.
Rental rates start at $1199.
Mile High Drives Nissan GTR for rent


Don’t let the blue exterior confuse you, this is the brand-new, 2015 Black Edition Nissan GTR. Complete with legit racing seats, an upgraded sound package, and a twin-turbo V6 spitting out nearly 600 horses, this speed enthusiasts dream car can get you moving from 0-60 in under 3 seconds!
Rental rates start at $499.
Mile High Drives Porsche 911 for Rent


Check out our all-white convertible manual transmission Porsche 911. This roadster has excellent handling capabilities with its’ all-wheel drive system. Sit back and let the breeze flow through your hair as you crank up the volume on the premium sound system, complete with an iPod connector.
Rental rates start at $249.


  • Renters must be 21 and older with a valid driver’s license.
  • Driver(s) must have $100,000 property / $300,000 per occurrence full-coverage insurance coverage.
  • A damage deposit is required prior to each rental (the amount varies depending on the rental agreement).
  • Drivers must be in athletic/regular shoes (no sandals or heels).