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About Drives at Mile High

We’re passionate about cars, and we realized Denver was lacking an exotic luxury rental service that would cater to those with our same love of driving – and so Drives at Mile High was born. Our goal is to offer you the ultimate driving experience at a reasonable price in a relaxed environment. Established in May 2012, we’re currently offering driving experiences and exotic car rentals with our luxury fleet of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Corvettes, Porsches, and more.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and the unique experience we’re able to offer. Our mission is to provide you with a day of driving you won’t soon forget. It’s pretty simple – we love driving supercars and want to give others the ability to enjoy it too.

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#1 Exotic Car Rental in Denver, CO


This was one of the best gifts (I received it as a birthday gift) I have ever gotten. The staff was great and I had a blast.

– TripAdvisor
Stand Up Guys

Stand up guys running a great operation. This was my first time renting an exotic and they made the entire experience very positive and worry-free. Highly recommended.

– Yelp
Outstanding - in Every Way

What a great experience! Driving the Lambo was just outstanding... folks at Mile High Drives were super friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!

– TripAdvisor
So Much Fun

I had a great time and was surprised at the age of the instructor. My friends purchased the Lamborghini drive for me and while there was an upsell for a longer drive, it was a very fun experience. I just wish it would have lasted longer! I would definitely consider doing it again!

– TripAdvisor

The brothers who own the business were awesome to my girlfriend and I. We rented the GTR for 24 hours and had a blast. Their lineup of cars is extensive and offer a car for almost anyone. Very friendly staff will be back to take the Huracán out for a day.

– Yelp
Excellent to Deal With

Wife and I enjoyed a kid free holiday in Denver in August. We rented the Porsche 911 and drove out to Breckenridge and Mt Evans. Carlo and his tech were excellent to deal with, car was in great shape and there were no surprises either with the car or with the bill at the end. Carlo was very accommodating. Would highly recommend.

– TripAdvisor
First Exotic Rental Experience

Excellent experience with Mile High Drives. My business partner and I each took a drive as a congratulations to our first business transaction success a week earlier. We both like fast machines and this exceeded expectations. Checked this off the bucket list, driving through the foothills in an eye-catching Lambo.

– TripAdvisor
The Sound of Tunnels

I'm over 65, but still love fast cars and beautiful machines. I'd like to have laid more rubber, but had a few stretches of road where I could feel the feeling! My race car driver instructor was most cool, and this turned out to be more fun than I anticipated, I drove faster than I thought I'd be able to with all the speed limits, and I'll never forget this outing.

– TripAdvisor

Freaking awesome, that's the only way I can describe it. The Lambo was dream come true to put the pedal to the metal. Carlos was very accommodating and runs a class operation. Next year I look forward to driving the Nissan GT-R with my wife as copilot. Highly recommend you experience the thrill of driving a high-performance sports car.

– TipAdvisor