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gold GOLD $299-$599 For vehicles starting at $299
gold PLATINUM $649-$999 For mid-level vehicles staring at $599
gold TITANIUM $950-$1599 For flagship level vehicles starting aat $999


Dream come true

It was my dream to drive a Nissan GTR and luckily Mile High Drives had one I could rent out for the day. All I have to say is that I was blown away by the car and the overall experience Ryan created for me. I would highly recommend this place to anyone that is wanting to drive an exotic/luxury vehicle in Denver. 10/10 best experience I've ever had. If you rent from here, make sure you take the car out to the mountains! You won't regret it.

Rented the white corvette as a wedding gift for a close friend. Ryan and Roman were absolutely awesome to rent from. This was my first time renting a luxury car and they made it an amazing experience. The groom told me that I gave the “best wedding gift ever.” I also had a blast driving the corvette to and from the wedding. Felt like a baller!

Had a fantastic time at Drives at Mile High. We got the GTR for 5 hours, and naturally went way over the allotted miles, which was pretty reasonable in price. The guys recommended some great roads west of Denver and we had a perfect day to cruise the mountain twisties. The car was in great shape and we had no issues with it at all. I've heard bad stories about other places(mainly in Vegas) that rent out really beat cars, but I was impressed with everything here. Owners were friendly and answered any questions we had. Overall really easy and fun experience that was well worth the money. GTR looked like the best value for us, but they have plenty of flashier cars as well. Thanks!

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