Ferrari F430

From the factory in Italy, straight to you.

Mile High Drives exotic Ferrari F430 for rent in Denver


Engine: 4.3L – V8 – 530 HP
Top Speed: 190+ mph
0-60 mph: 3.9 seconds
Transmission: 6-speed F1 (full automatic and paddle shift modes)
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
Passengers: 2
Special Features:
Drive a red Ferrari! Should we say anymore? This beautiful Ferrari F430 is equipped a high revving V8 with a sound that will blow your ears away. The vehicle is equipped with a Ferrari’s performance package featuring an F1 gearbox, carbon ceramic brakes, challenge racing wheels, Ferrari aero front bumper, and a race tune on the factory computer by Ferrari.  This beautiful exotic will provide you with plenty of attention everywhere you go, and the PERFECT balance of performance, drivability, and overall fun!


Prices so low you’ll think you’re in Vegas!

24-hour Special*

  • Mondays only
  • 100 miles over 24 hours
  • Additional miles: $3.49/mile

5-hour Rental

  • Daily at 8am or 3pm 
  • 50 miles over 5 hours
  • Additional miles: $3.49/mile

12-hour Rental

  • Daily by appointment
  • 75 miles over 12 hours
  • Additional miles: $3.49/mile

24-hour Rental

  • Daily by appointment
  • 100 miles over 24 hours
  • Additional miles: $3.49/mile

Weekly Rental

  • Weekly by appointment
  • 600 miles over 7 days
  • Additional miles: $3.49/mile
*24-hour Special rates apply to single day rental reservations on Monday only. They are not valid in combination with other days.


Don’t need the car for 12 or more hours? Visit our driving experiences page to learn more about other driving options available in our Ferrari F430.